Members and Friends

Our Church has an asset that is far more valuable than any of our other assets. It is one that money cannot buy. Our members and friends are our greatest assets. You have all experienced the kindness, generosity and love of our Church family. We mourn together and we celebrate together. We share ourselves with our Church and with our Community, with each other. God is Love and we try to emulate that in our everyday lives.

It is time, once again, to step up and make a commitment to support the actual brick and mortar that gives us all a place to gather and to share our bounty with each other, the community, and our outreach programs. 

We ask you to open your hearts and make a pledge for your monetary contribution to your Church for the coming year. We have on-going expenses of salaries, utilities, insurance, lawn mowing, snow plowing, repairs, housing, bus ministry and general maintenance. It is your decision, of course, as to how much you can afford to pledge. If each one of you can increase your pledge even by $1 a week for 2020, it will be a tremendous help in meeting our budget.

Pledges are a very important part of planning the budget for the coming year. It is very helpful to have a specific amount to start with when we need to estimate the unpledged income and gifts that make up so much of our income.

Please use the Pledge form on the reverse of this letter and place it in the offering plate during church or mail it to our Collector, Cindy Moore, in care of the church.

Thank you so much for your past generosity, your active participation in Church affairs and your church attendance.

Yours in Faith,

Board of Trustees

Marilyn Thyng, Chair; Susan Bleckmann, Secretary; Gloria O'Connor —Biron, Assistant Treasurer;

Christopher Ward; Glenn McLaughlin; Ex-Officio Members: David Stasiak, Minister; Erica Anthony,