Dear Members and Friends:

During the last two years, our lives changed drastically — how and where we could work,
eat, gather, serve and worship. Buildings closed and then reopened, but Pastor Dave
and our church members stepped forward to assure our ministry continued throughout.
We responded, in both word and action.

We cannot know what lies ahead of us, but we remain confident in the assurance of
God's abiding and steadfast love. Because of your generous and faithful gifts, our
church can keep doing what love requires of us by nurturing life-giving, joyful ministries
both inside and outside our church walls.

This reminds us that financial support, in the form of a pledge to the Operating Budget
is vital to carry out the church's work. Some of our community is suffering from the
health impacts and the economic consequences of the pandemic. On the other hand,
some find themselves with reduced expenses, because they are spending more time at
home. The uncertainty of this time makes determining the church's budget difficult.
Your pledge is the best way to let our congregational leadership know how much
financial support the church is likely to see next year.

Our church continues to do well during this crisis; we have restored normal inside
services, and have remained a safe environment. We, your Board of Trustees, ask each
of you to prayerfully consider making a commitment to helping these needs. Increasing
your pledge by any amount will help cover cost increases. It may be difficult in the
current climate for you to do this and we certainly understand that decision.

Our church family is a very important part of our lives. We celebrate, laugh, cry, mourn
and pray together. Let's continue showing all our members and friends that God is love
by emulating that in our everyday lives.

There is a pledge form on the reverse of this letter. Please cut it out and use it to make
your pledge to your church for 2022. It may be placed in the collection plates at church
or mailed to our Church Collector, Cindy Moore, in care of the church.

Thank you so very much for your past generosity, your active participation in church
affairs and your attendance, whether it is in person or virtual.

Yours in Faith,
Board of Trustees

Marilyn Thyng, Chair; Glenn McLaughlin, Secretary; Gloria O'Connor-Biron, Assistant
Treasurer; Christopher Ward; Susan Bleckmarm; Ex-Officio members: David Stasiak,
Minister; Vicki Watson, Treasurer; Kevin Kennedy, Assistant Treasurer.