The Pittsfield Pilgrim 

January 2021

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Like the fiction movie, we might like to label the year 2020 as, “The Year That Never Was.” So may lives have been lost, so much pain and suffering both physically and mentally is still occurring, people continue to struggle to pay their rent or mortgage and put food on the table. Sadly, many people have lost hope that life will ever return to what it once was before the pandemic hit.

In the December 19, 2020 issue, Shelby Livingston wrote an article titled, 'Our first glimmer of hope': Healthcare workers reflect on a devastating year and a brighter future as they get the first COVID-19 shots. Christine Lunger, an ICU nurse, and critical care director at Nashville's TriStar Skyline Medical Center was one of those healthcare workers. “This year has been a tough emotional one that none of the healthcare workers had ever seen before in their careers,” Christine said.

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