The Pittsfield Pilgrim 

September, 2017

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Nella and Mike Hobson, Publishers

Editor: We asked our friend Arthur Colman to share a little about himself.

Mr. Arthur Colman has been attending FCC for more than three years. He was raised in New Hampshire and lived with his wife, Mary, in Manchester until her passing. Art then moved to Pittsfield to live with his daughter Marian, who is a nurse.

Born in Chatham, New York, Art remembers some hard times such as walking barefoot to school while carrying his shoes to prevent wearing them out. His family moved from New York to Manchester, New Hampshire, when he was around four or five years old.

Art served in the Navy and was stationed on an aircraft carrier that brought parts of the atom bomb to be assembled and tested near Eniwetok Atoll. He witnessed three bomb tests while there, and says the carrier definitely moved across the water from the concussion after the bomb was detonated.

Art remembers meeting Gary Cooper, during the filming of “Task Force,” while on ship and getting his autograph. Proudly acknowledging the military service of his family, Art had four brothers in the Navy and one in the Marine Corps.