The Pittsfield Pilgrim 

 September, 2018

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Nella and Mike Hobson, Publishers

Editor: We asked our friend Bobbie Lacoy to share a little about herself.

I was born in Dover, NH, on December 13, 1939, to Robert and Pauline Knowlton. We, with my little sister Christine, lived on 25 Hough Street in Dover, where I was baptized in the First Parish Church on June 13, 1943. When my father was released from the Army in 1946, we moved to 12 Bridge Street, Pittsfield, where he could be closer to the work he loved at the Fish and Game Department in Concord.

  I started first grade in Dover, but because I and my next door playmate missed so much because of having the usual childhood diseases one after the other, we had to go through first grade again. I did that in Pittsfield, and had Mrs. Harriet Ames for my teacher.

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