The Pittsfield Pilgrim 

December, 2017

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Nella and Mike Hobson, Publishers

Editor: We asked our friend Jane Pethic to share a little about herself.

I was born and raised in Pittsfield.  My parents had six rowdy kids running around the house and town.

I started attending First Congregational Church with Wayne in 2001.  We got married in the church in 2003; after that I became a member also in 2003.

I really like my church family.  I like how they get along with each other and tackle the church’s problems.

We moved my mom in with us after her stroke in 2008.  I got done with work in 2010 to take care of her full time.  After her passing in 2011, I took care of my neighbor until his passing in 2015.  He lived to be 94 years young.